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Lisa Sparxxx - Official Pornstar Biography

(Last revision on: Mar 1, 2020)

Hey everyone!! My name is Lisa Sparxxx; I'm an all-natural country girl big titted slut wife with a very curvy figure, I’m 5'8, 40H-40-50, with a never-ending hunger for random dick. I'm a REAL slut wife and I have sex with my fans. I love gangbangs, I love bukkake, the more cocks and cum the merrier. I'm a very wild girl. When I feel naughty I'm just going out to find some guys. I love to fuck in random spots whether it is, in a club, in a dirty bathroom, in the bushes, in an alley, the backseat of a car; I simply love the risk of getting caught and being the dirty slut that I am.

How I got my start in porn from the beginning:

I was born on October 6, 1976, in Portsmouth, Virginia, shortly thereafter we moved to Florida then Kentucky where I was raised, graduated from High School in a small town in Kentucky (not Bowling Green, KY) and the summer of 1995 I got married to Jeff Sparxxx. Yes, you read that right I got married at 18 years old, right out of High School. Jeff was in the military at the time and while he was deployed I started going to college and eventually graduated from Western Kentucky University, where I earned my BS in sport marketing with an under-degree in psychology. I went on and graduated with an MS in Sport Marketing and Branding from WKU as well.

Lisa Sparxxx is on the loose

Upon graduating from college, My husband and I moved to Redondo Beach, CA. that is where it all began. During the first several years of living in Southern California, my husband expressed to me that he thought I should try adult films (yes, his idea, he is a freak). We were bouncing around the ides of a stage-name. I knew I was going to keep my legal name, Lisa. I would probably never answer someone if they called me by a different name. We ended up with Sparxxx because of my sparkling eyes and overly friendly personality and went with XXX to show the kind of hardcore slut that I was to symbolize. Lisa Sparxxx was created and we bought the domain name as well as

Why the porn business?

I'm often asked why I got into the adult business. Upon graduating from college, my husband and I moved to Redondo Beach, CA. that is where it all began. During the first several years of living in Southern California, my husband expressed to me that he thought I should try adult films. I have always been very sexual and obviously I'm an attention whore. I had sex for the first time when I was very young and have not looked back since. Basically the reason why I do porn is the simple fact that my husband and I have turned a hobby of ours into a business that we both enjoy and I hope others do as well. We have always had an open relationship and have enjoyed "playing" with others. In 2000, we made this website. Actually it was not this website initially. Jeff and I have always been into sports cars, even when we could not afford them. We owned a Saleen mustang at the time so our first website was of me wearing tiny bikinis and draping myself all over the car. The site was called (go-figure). The site started to gain traction (pun intended?) and we started to charge a small fee for memberships. After a couple of years, we sold the website off to a pornstar clothing company for an undisclosed amount. After selling the website we wanted to transition into the hardcore XXX porn scene.

We attended our first AVN (Adult Video News) convention, which is now AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) with several friends. I brought along a promo packet that included several 8x10's with my contact info on the back that I handed out to directors (HINT: for anyone that is trying to get into the porn business). What nobody understood at that time was how far that decision would take us and how deep into the world of smut I was willing to go. I met with Steve Nelson (Adult Industry News) and he was very friendly and extremely helpful, he introduced me to several directors which helped tremendously. I met Ron Jeremy during this time as well. He took me under his wing. Ron always included us at any appearance he had going on during the weekend which allowed me to network with the business elite. The week after the convention my phone was ringing off of the hook! This was 20 years ago and I am still shooting for my website because I want to control my own content. I am not retired and Ronnie, as I call him and I are still very close and I owe a lot of my "career" to both Ronnie and Steve.

Setting the record straight

What many fans may or may not know is that I'm undeniably straight. I have appeared in a handful of scenes doing threesomes or orgies with other girls during a scene but you won't see me eating pussy or sharing long wet kisses with too many girls (unless I have been drinking a lot which tends to happen from time to time 🤣. While most pornstars are bisexual or "gay for pay" I would rather have a dick in my bald married pussy or in my thick fat round ass. Speaking of ass. The rumor is that I do not do anal anymore. I have never stopped doing anal. There have been interviews that are fictitious saying that I won't do anal. You have to remember porn is and entertainment industry, just like the WWE. We have scripts to read at times and by no means does that translate to holding any truth. In other words, do not believe the hype in the middle of a porn movie and if you do believe it that means porn acting is getting a lot better 🤣. Admittedly, I rather not do the prep work (cleaning) that is involved with anal. It takes away from all the fun.

Many believe my first scene was Dirtier Debutantes #4 with Ed Powers. The scene I shot for Ed was a first, but not my first scene. Dirtier Debutantes #4 was my first anal scene. This was released on VHS way back in the day. Damn, I been around for a minute (two decades). My first scene was shot was for a website called from Reality Kings. Here is a snippet from their website about me:

“If sucking cock were an Olympic sport, Lisa Sparxxx would be a gold medalist many times over. In fact, they may have to retire the sport and just crown her the undisputed world champion blowjob queen forever. If you're into chicks swallowing, eating, slobbering, gagging and choking on dick, I can tell you right now your collection is incomplete if you don't have a Lisa Sparxxx scene in there. Besides, just look at her tits! Imagine how they bounce and slap as extra heavy helpings of stunt cock pound her from behind. She may be a little thick around the middle but it makes for all the better push-in. Lisa is a dirty girl who loves to talk dirty in bed. Lisa is no stranger to the porn industry. In fact, she is one of the most downloaded porn stars out there today. Not only does the Reality Kings bring you the hottest and newest amateur action, but we also give you an opportunity to get off to the biggest names in the business like you can with the Plus Size Titties episode of Big Naturals starring Lisa and her award-winning TITS!”

Sparxxx Entertainment Group LLC

A lot of people always ask me what I do when I am not shooting and many wonder what Jeff's role is in the business as well. Many think that he is either my suitcase pimp or sitting on the couch playing video games while I go to work. Jeff and I started a production company Sparxxx Entertainment Group where we split the business responsibilities down the middle. I handle performing, directing, talent booking, arranging sets, company finances, and promotions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree in information systems, as well as an M.A. in Organizational Leadership where he handles the "behind the scenes" of the production company; that include social media marketing, editing, filming/photography, web development, affiliate support, google analytics, and web traffic generation (SEO). So with that said Jeff and I literally have been running this company for two decades. We owned Adult Stars Pass, a web-development affiliate enterprise operating and marketing several porn sites, including Sean Michaels, Tyler Faith, Olivia O'lovely as well as our own website We moved along and opened up Curvy Bucks and currently own and market Sparxxx Cash which is where you can promote my website through your own marketing channels.

FUN FACT: Jeff has actually appeared in 15 movies as talent. He was also a stunt cock for a black guy 🤣

World Gangbang Record

I took part in the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship, which was supposed to be the largest gangbang in a 24 hour period on October 16, 2004, in Warsaw, Poland at a porn convention called Eroticon 2004. The Polish government found out about the event and threatened arrest for anyone involved. So the event organizers moved the event to an undisclosed warehouse where approximately 150+ different guys showed up. There were flutters getting the guys ready to fuck. Basically the specifics were each guy fucked either Patricia or I and they would fuck us for 30 seconds then the next guy who would fuck us. The entire event was 7.5 hours. I was so bored during the event that I placed an order for McDonald's (fat girl has to eat). Yes, Poland has McDonald's and even a KFC, 🤣. To be completely transparent here; this is the one thing I regret doing in the 20 years in the adult industry. This was also the ONLY job I agreed to appear strictly for the money. I ❤️ to participate in gangbang events, I believe you can tell in my movies that I enjoy myself when I'm used by a roomful of guys covered in cum. However, this event was never anything I ever planned on and the entire event was a complete shit-show. I wish this topic would die and we all move on to something relevant. I was hoping the event would be something like the Houston 500, it clearly was not. I was disappointed but was excited to fly home and not spend any time in a foreign jail. This event also appeared to get my Wikipedia page removed and to this day I am not sure why.

Booble Girl Of The Year for 2007

At this point I have been in the business for 7 years and fortunate to have gathered a huge fan following that was always down to support me. I entered the Booble Girl of The Year contest in 2007, I'm very competitive by nature and I knew I was going to be in a war with other extremely hot girls that I admire. But I knew I had my fans backing me up. I enjoyed this extremely contested battle. I was able to show that my marketing skill set was able to fight off the industry's best. Win or lose I like to show others that I'm not only something to play with but I do have a business mindset as well and like to take people by surprise. My fans pulled me through and I won Booble Girl of the Year and MILF of the Year as well.

20 Year Porn Career (2000-Current) Looking Back and Ahead

Looking back on a career that has spanned for two decades, I have appeared in over 500 hardcore XXX adult films, websites, and magazines. I have worked with the biggest companies in the business; Hustler, Vivid, Adam and Eve to name a few. I have directed and produced films like Assault My Ass and The Head Clinic that received 4 stars from AVN and pre-nominated for AVN awards. I was a host for KSEX Radio (Recipes for Sex with Chef Jeff and Lisa Sparxxx) I have been featured on Howard Stern's radio show and on Playboy TV and radio, I have appeared on Season 2 of The Surreal Life, a reality TV series with legendary porn actor Ron Jeremy, hip-hop artist Murs' music video for "Risky Business" and Spike Television's Manswers when they did a feature story about me and the gangbang record ('04). Undoubtedly the most scandalous appearance was during the Surreal Life when the crew edited one of the shows in post-production to make it appear as if I offered to give Erik Estrada (of CHIPS fame) a blowjob. In fact, Erik Estrada had asked how a pool party would be different from a "porn" party and I replied: If this was a porn party we would be inside and I would probably be giving a blowjob, most likely. To be honest I had zero interest in Erik Estrada. I would have dropped to my knees for Vanilla Ice in a heart-beat though.

Looking forward, I'm 43, I'm happily married (24 years), our kiddo is graduating from college, I'm successful and extremely blessed to have loyal fans that I love ❤️, you all have allowed me to take a journey through life that was never planned. If it was not for all your support there would never have been this crazy bitch that love to give back and fuck and suck you all, my fans. I'm pleased to say I'm NOT RETIRED and I do have a goal to get my thick ass into the AVN Hall of Fame. I usually don't like awards but the honor of the HOF would be an awesome closure to a chapter of one crazy wild ride.


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